Multiple choice questions on agricultural economics

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Multiple choice questions on agricultural economics

Lost your password? Please enter your email address. You will receive a link and will create a new password via email. Agricultural economics or agronomics is an employed area of business economics worried about the application of financial concept in maximizing the manufacturing as well as circulation of food and also fiber— a self-control called agronomics. Agronomics was a branch of business economics that particularly managed land use.

It concentrated on making best use of the plant return while keeping an excellent dirt environment. Throughout the 20th century the technique broadened and also the present extent of the technique is a lot more comprehensive. Agricultural business economics today consists of a range of used locations, having substantial overlap with standard business economics. Agricultural financial experts have actually made significant payments to research study in business economics, econometrics, growth business economics, and also ecological business economics.

Agricultural business economics affects food plan, farming plan, as well as ecological plan. You have reached 0 of 0 points, 0. Which agency is exclusively concerned with the credit needs of all types of agricultural and rural development?

Agriculture was the vital growth in the rise of inactive human people, wherein farming of domesticated varieties developed food surpluses that nurtured the development of human being. The research study of farming is referred to as farming scientific research. The background of agriculture dates back hundreds of years, as well as its advancement has actually been owned and also specified by considerably various climates, cultures, as well as technologies.

Industrial farming based on large-scale monoculture farming has ended up being the leading agricultural method. Today, India places 2nd worldwide in farm output. Farming as well as allied fields like forestry and also fisheries represented Still, agriculture is demographically the broadest private sector and plays a significant function in the overall socio-economic material of India. Click here for Quiz on Agricultural Economics […]. Take the quiz and check how much you can score. A selection of steps of national revenue as well as output are used in economics to approximate complete economic activity in a country or region, including gross domestic product GDPgross national product GNPadjusted national income NNIand also adjusted nationwide earnings NNI readjusted for natural deposit deficiency.

The limit is typically specified by geography or citizenship, and could also restrict the goods and solutions that are counted. Visit here for Quiz on Agricultural Economics […].

multiple choice questions on agricultural economics

You must login or register to add a new comment.If the price in a market is fixed by the government below equilibrium then assuming a downward sloping demand curve and upward sloping supply curve:. If the price in a market is fixed by the government above equilibrium then assuming a downward sloping demand curve and upward sloping supply curve:. Gillespie: Foundations of Economics 4e Chapter 8: Multiple choice questions.

Instructions Answer the following questions and then press 'Submit' to get your score.

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Question 1 If the price in a market is fixed by the government below equilibrium then assuming a downward sloping demand curve and upward sloping supply curve: a There is excess equilibrium. Question 2 If the price in a market is fixed by the government above equilibrium then assuming a downward sloping demand curve and upward sloping supply curve: a There is excess equilibrium.

Question 3 Positive externalities are goods that are: a Not provided in the free market economy. Question 4 Agricultural prices tend to be unstable because: a Supply is usually price elastic. Question 5 When supply increases in an agricultural market farmers' earnings might fall because: a Supply is price elastic. Question 6 Which of the following is the government most likely to subsidize?

Question 7 With a negative production externality: a There is under-consumption in the free market. Question 9 Nationalization occurs when: a The government sells assets to the private sector. Question 10 If a maximum price is set above equilibrium there will be: a A price fall.Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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Get help. Create an account. Imperial Study. Social Science. Vulnerability to poverty is determined by the options for finding an alternative living in terms of Social exclusion denies certain individuals the How many people in India live below the poverty line? Which organisation carries out survey for determining the poverty line?

Which social group is most vulnerable to poverty in India?

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Which two states of India continue to be the poorest states? Poverty line in rural areas is As per — prices Who are the poorest of the poor? What is the poverty ratio in the state of Orissa? In which state has the high agricultural growth helped to reduce poverty?

multiple choice questions on agricultural economics

In which state have the land reform measures helped to reduce poverty? Which state has focused more on human resource development? In which state is the public distribution system responsible for the reduction in poverty?

What is the main cause of poverty in India? Which of the following is responsible for high poverty rates?

Agricultural Economics MCQ for all Ag. Exams

In rural areas, which of the following are not poor? Nutritional level of food energy is expressed in the form of As per Planning Commission, minimum daily intake of calories for determining poverty line for rural area is Poverty ratio in India as compared to Pakistan is What are accepted average calories required in India in urban areas?Glide to success with Doorsteptutor material for IMO : fully solved questions with step-by-step explanation - practice your way to success.

Which one of the following factor establishes the importance of agricultur in the national economy? Carved out of agr climatic zones when superimposed on land for and soil conditions to act as a modifier of the length of growing period. Which one of the following would lead to a change in the optimum combination of two enterprises substituting at an increasing rate? Analyzing the factor or forces which ar responsible for the existing production patterns and resource use.

A farmer practices vegetable and crop cultivation. Given below ar the marginal value productivities MVP of a unit of Rs. Capital can be acquired at 25 per cent rate of interest.

Quiz on Agricultural Economics : 10 MCQs

Which one of the following sets of alternatives indicates the correct combination of the incoming and outgoing activities? Activity Incoming Outgoing. Given the production functions: 0.

The net profit in cooperative joint farming is distributed among the member on the basis of which one of the following principles? Which one of the following is the main obstacle to introducing an identical farming system throughout the country? Consider the following statements: The response of phosphate fertilizer in acidic soil under lowland ecosystem is better when applied in the for of.

Multiple choice questions

Which one of the following resources will continue to play the pivotal role in crop production activity to meet the challenging demand of food, fibr and fuel for exploding human population, fodder for animals, and industrial raw material for agro-sed industries in the country?

When a concept is outlined as interdisciplinary, holistic or interactive and is simultaneous in approach from different angles, hopefully resulting in farmeradaptable and farmer-oriented technology in a shorter time span, it is termed as.

Consider the following statements: Yield advantage in an intercropping system is due to the development of. So what should I do from now to be succesful in future? Subscribe to a monthly magazine. Read The Hindu Daily. Decide your optional and work for it.

multiple choice questions on agricultural economics

Developed by: Mindsprite Solutions. I want notes - am I want to get answer of these questions. We are currently providing only the questions. Answers for the questions given above? We are currently providing only the questions and hope to include answers in coming time.

Agricultural prices refinance regulatory Longter credit.

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Flax rice Sugarcane Ground nut. Bialophos Methoxyphenone Paraquat Linuron. Synthetic derivative of the microbial toxin anisomycin Naturally occurring herbicide Selective herbicide Non-selective herbicide.Posted By: admin February 23, Agriculture Economics Multiple Choice Questions: Agriculture Economics is a subject as well as major or minor minor faculty in a n agriculture university. Agriculture Economics Multiple Choice Questions are asked in different agricultural competitive exams.

These questions are important in agricultural competitive exams e. To develop marketing system for forest products. To develop marketing system for medicinal products.

To develop marketing system for foreign products. To develop marketing system for non-agricultural products. See Answer. Farm management. Production economics.

Quiz on Agriculture : 10 MCQs

Market surplus. Less tha 5 acre. More tha 5 acre. Less than 2. More than 2. Working capital. Fixed capital. Flowing in one direction d. Non of the above. Horticulture Multiple Choice Questions. Agriculture Multiple Choice Questions. Entomology Multiple Choice Questions. Posted By: admin February 23, Agriculture Economics Multiple Choice Questions: Agriculture Economics is a subject as well as major or minor minor faculty in a n agriculture university.

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Share Tweet Share. Author and Content Writer. Agriculture Consultant and Farmer's Trainer. Agriculture Entrepreneur.

This comment form is under antispam protection. Notify of.Below are a set of sample test questions taken from previous exams in Development Economics. You should think through all of these. Also, these are only sample questions. They are put here because students often think it is helpful to see past exams. The fact that these are here does not represent a commitment that questions on your exam will be like these or on the same subject matter. This is especially so because the subject matter and organization of the course has recently been adjusted.

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In addition, as the material covered between exams changes semester to semester, the questions here are not broken into specific exams. A supply side vicious circle of poverty suggests that poor nations remain poor because a. The International Comparisons Project, which used purchasing power parity rates rather than market exchange rates, has found that the real standard of living in many less developed countries LDCs is even lower than indicated by their dollar per-capita income.

As incomes rise there tends to be a shift of labor from the services sector to the industrial sector. Which of the following is not typically an element in the structural change that accompanies development?

All of the above changes accompany development. The essence of Engel's law is that as family incomes rise a.

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Economic growth measures the a. Non-traded goods do not enter measured GDP because a. The concept of opportunity cost is based upon the principle of a. Points on a budget constraint represent combinations of the goods that exactly use up income b.

Points within the budget constraint represent combinations of the goods that do not use up all the income. If the price of one good decreases, all else the same, the budget constraint will swivel or rotate outward.

multiple choice questions on agricultural economics

When the manufacturer of power looms expands, there are forward linkage effects due to a. Economic growth is necessary and sufficient to eradicate most of absolute poverty. Income level or GDP is criticized as an indicator of development mainly because it takes no account of the distribution of income.

A certain amount of goods and services is necessary for a minimum standard of living. This is called a. With perfect income equality the Gini coefficient in a country would be a. Rawls argued that the income distribution should be determined a. All but one of the following are methods to represent overall income inequality: a.

Gini coefficient c. Lorenz curve e. The concept of choice would become irrelevant if a. According to Simon Kuznets, the relationship between GNP per capita and inequality in the distribution of income can be expressed as a. The physical quality of life index PQLI is an aggregation of widely available indicators of basic human needs. Which of the following is not a component of the PQLI: a.Post a Comment. Thursday, July 24, Multiple choice Economic system Gec o' level economics.

Multiple choice — Economic system. What is a feature of a mixed economic system but not a planned economic system? A It has both industrial and service sectors. B It has both large and small firms. C It has both public and private sectors. D It has both rural and urban areas. What can happen in a planned economy that does not happen in a market economy?

A The allocation of resources can take account of the total effects on society. B There can be full employment of factors of production.

C There can be inflation. D There can be international trade. In a mixed economy, resources are used as a result of. A the decisions of consumers only. B the decisions of firms only. C the decisions of consumers and firms. D the decisions of consumers, firms and government.

What is found in a market economy but not a command economy? There are more people in developing countries who cannot read or write than in developed.


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